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Urban Foraging Tour

Ever walked down the streets of the concrete jungle wondering what's for lunch? Well, the answer could be right under your feet!

Let's take a walk and I'll show you the buffet that lines every street, graces every park, and even the *slightly* frowned upon bits that are planted out by the city 🤔

We'll talk about invasive species, proper selection of edibles from locations that require special care, and threatened species as well.

You're welcome to take home most of the foods we find at your own will, but this walk is mainly for fun and information.

Group, open-to-all sessions are only $25 per person, and children are free with a paying adult!

If you'd like to schedule a private lesson, I do ask for travel compensation to cover my gas and time, but it is otherwise pay-what-you-can.

Urban Foraging Tour

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