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1st Generation Family-Owned Business

Challenging the generational gap in the knowledge and skills that were once commonplace, so that future generations can be more producer, less consumer.


About Rainbow Rock Farmstead

Rainbow Rock Farmstead began as a faint desire to produce more of our own food, due to the rising costs of quality ingredients. When we first began our family, our budget allowed for many nights of tuna sandwiches, boxed mac & cheese, and ramen noodles. We were over-worked with 4 jobs between the two of us, and knew we needed change. 

Enter: Floyd County, Virginia. We left the city and through a series of apartments that allowed us a flock of chickens and a small garden, we turned our waiting room into a classroom and jumped in with both feet to purchase our current home. We taught ourselves to can, grow, pickle, ferment, cook, dry, forage, and butcher almost all of our own food.

After several years of growing to provide food for a 20 member CSA as well as multiple markets, we now have outgrown our small property and are focusing on growing with purpose. In fall of 2021, we purchased a 7 acre property closer to the town of Floyd. We rebuilt the abandoned house from the bones up and are expanding our farm! This expansion will allow us to better serve our community through our Giving Garden, as well as host workshops and classes. 


Filling the Hungry Gap with Nutrient Dense Foods

The typical winter diet for most Americans is a landscape of brown, white, beige and artificial coloring. With the expansion of our Winter CSA Share as well as the documentation of our efforts to provide fresh food in the coldest, darkest months of the year, we hope to increase awareness of the natural flavors, colors, and abundance that can keep us healthy when most people would never think to grow a garden.

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