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Homesteader's Mentorship

Let's grow some freedom. Spend a year learning (on your own schedule!) how to effectively grow, harvest, preserve, forage, hunt, prepare, and maintain your food, tools, cooking equipment, and canners. We'll harvest wild greens in the spring, can homemade broth, preserve the harvest in fall, grow/hunt/fish your own meat, make soap and candles, and plan out full homesteads, gardens, or both.

Canning, cast iron care, herbal medicine creation, and a crash course in farming are just a few topics we'll dive into over the year. This course is fully customizable, also. If you have no interest in canning, but need to learn about lighting a wood stove and keeping it going, that's what we'll do! Prefer to focus on homestead style cooking? Consider it done, I'll meet you in the kitchen. 

I am only opening 3 spots for this Mentorship program, so that I can provide as much learning as possible during our year together. Two days (consecutive or not) of each month, I'm yours for the day or project. For example, in January we could spend time learning to pressure can broth or meat from scratch, and another day planning out what to grow in the garden for the year. In July, perhaps we'll spend a weekend making peach jam and stringing leather britches. You gear the direction of this course. This is more information than you can get through any of my single day courses. We really will be diving into hands-on learning in every aspect of homesteading and food freedom, so be prepared to learn. Text me at 11pm because you can't figure out a canning recipe you started too late in the day, I will answer! Need help weeding the garden before it consumes you? Let's make a day of it. At the end of the year long course, if you can't say you've doubled your knowledge at the very least, I will fully refund this cost. 

It is very difficult to me to set a price on this, as most of my work is pay-what-you-can, but this is more than dedicating a day of trust to someone in hopes that I can cover my time, this is a full year of comradery and dedication to your education and homesteading success, and I must set a price on that to ensure my time is compensated, so that I can be fully dedicated. 

The price of this course equals out to be $200 per month. This price covers my travel within 45 minutes of the town of Floyd, twice a month, and my time, very modestly. If you need to make a payment plan, we can absolutely do that! 

If you would like to share your cost with friends, who can be with us for most, if not all, lessons, I have no problem with that. The price is locked in for my time and travel, not per person. This means the entire family can participate in any of our lessons, or you can invite friends. It is your lesson and you set the pace and atmosphere. 

If you are outside of the 45 minutes to Floyd limit, I am happy to negotiate travel costs. 

Homesteader's Mentorship

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