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Private Land Guided Foraging
  • Please note the $35 cost is for reserving your time spot, not the overall cost.

    Get outside and find some snacks! (or medicine or art supplies!) Here in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Appalachia we are lucky enough to be absolutely surrounded by edible and useful wild things. Plants, fungi, lichen, mosses, and more are waiting to greet us if we know where to look. Let's explore the seasons through each month's gifts!

    On these trips we will walk private lands (or personal land if you'd like to explore your own land with a knowledgeable eye.) The walks will obey local laws and guidelines on foraging and gathering. Some walks will be tougher than others, but none will be particularly rough.

    Some examples of finds throughout the season we will see are usnea, chicken of the woods, hen of the woods, wood ear, hickory nuts, acorns, walnuts, pawpaw, persimmon, apples, cherries, blackberries, autumn olive, pears, nettles, goldenrod, plantain, dandelion, violets, and so so so much more. Too many to list! Take your haul home with you if you so desire.

    If you'd like to walk your own personal land, or have a private session on private lands, there is a travel fee to cover my fuel and time costs, but it is otherwise pay-what-you-can, unless the area is greater than 100 acres. Time spent foraging is totally up to you on hours spent and price paid, I am super flexible.

    For private land lessons, we will walk your property to look for edible, medicinal, and otherwise remarkable finds. Bring a notebook, marking tape, or take pictures if you so desire, this is all about you and your land!

    If we find plants that hold monetary value, such as ginseng, I will advise you on proper protection for the plant, propagation, and ethical harvesting. I will not, under any circumstances, share that the plant is growing on your land so that your best interests are protected.

    I do not know every single thing about the forest, there will be mushrooms I cannot identify, plants that I am unsure of, and scientific names that escape me. But, for many of those I can get the names and uses of those plants to you later on that evening after some research. I do not use plant ID apps, they are a great backup tool for research leads but are not reliable enough to safely identify plants for use.

    Please note, foraging walks are slow moving! If you're not taking your time to look at the ground, behind trees and logs, or are generally just hustling through, we are unlikely to find much. If you plan to cover a lot of ground, please ensure we have transportation (atv, horse, side by side, farm truck) to quickly cover that ground. Expect to spend 3-5 times longer in a given area or trail compared to a simple hike.

    When booking a personal foraging course, simply send a message with some info about your land, yourself, and 5 dates that will work well with your schedule and we will set things up! Happy foraging!

    Once a month, I will hold a public group forage. The fee for this is only $20, with no fuel fees expected. Tips are always welcome.





    Want to gurantee a spot to learn the best of what all seasons have to offer? Sign up for a discount! We'll head out at the peak of each season to see what we can find!

    Private Land Guided Foraging

    Price Options
    One-time purchase
    Four Season Forage
    $30.00every 3 months for 12 months
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